It’s natural to feel upset or annoyed when someone remembers you only during times of need. You feel like you’re  being used, like you’re being taken for granted. You feel like a spare wheel or like a useless benchwarmer in the football of your ‘friend’s’ life.
I say, instead, you should feel privileged.
You are the lighthouse shining in their crashing sea of distress. Their candle in the darkness. You are what they come to when they know nothing else will work but you will, always. You are the benchwarmer that turned the game around when no one else could. You are their backup.
Feel proud ❤



Another year!!

I promised to myself that I’d be consistent with this blog and post regular updates. It’s been over a month since my last post! I guess that’s what happens when life gets in the way.
All that apart, I fall under that section of the society that’s still wondering where and how 2015 passed. I’m among those who wish they could cling on to the last few slivers of the past year and probably stretch it and make it longer. But live in the moment,carpe diem etc, yeah?
Happy new year 2016 everyone (I really don’t like the k trend ugh)!! Hope that this year goes on to be the best year you’ve had yet and everyone finds what they are looking for. ❤
I hope you find the best book you’ve read or a new friend. I hope you get to view the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen and plenty of sunrises above the water. I hope you find the best food outlets in town. I hope you find parking spaces easily. I hope you find a bottle of glitter and a sky full of stars.
But most of all, I hope that this year, you find yourself. I pray that you find what you really want and set out to achieve it. I hope you are able to figur out what goes on in the crypt of your heart and in the depths of your mind.
Try to make yourself a better person than you were the previous moment. Stop comparing yourself to others because there will always be someone you find better than yourself. Instead compete with yourself and focus on making you better than you.
Keep changing, growing and expanding.
Hope this year proves to be the best for you all and it even has an extra day to give you an extra opportunity to make it better!

P.S. Please don’t make unachievable resolutions! We all know they don’t work. At this point I’ve stopped making resolutions completely apart from ‘Try to always be better than you were yesterday’

I guess you could say I had a pretty high start to the new year lol ._.


Jabal Hafeet at 12:00 am

Note to self.

Sometimes the people closest to you are the ones pulling you down. They’re the ones restricting you, the ones hindering your growth. What you do and don’t do depends on what they do or don’t do. The unfortunate part is that you still like these people a lot. For some reason. And because you like them you don’t say anything. At all. What you do is bottle up all those feelings and hide them in the deepest parts of your being. You try to hide it so well that you deny their existence to even yourself. But these are slowllyyy eating you up from inside, making you hollow and blowing in little specks of detestation. And at some point in yor life all of this comes bubbling to the surface, trying to escape. But what do you do? You try stuffing them further down and concealing them. And then one day they just explode beyond control. Don’t let it come to that point. Speak up and express yourself. And don’t suppress things within you and expect others to magically understand.
Bye and have a nice day.


Too much or not enough

I usually don’t suddenly, out of the blue miss someone desperately. It needs to be triggered.
Everything will be normal until I suddenly see something. It may be something they passionately spoke about or a colour they love. It may be a favourite book, food they always craved, a habit, perhaps even a scent and it would completely wash me over. I’ll be engulfed in the flames of their memories.
I’m either drowning under the crashing waves or cracking like parched land.

New chapter

Moving away from home is always a huge change and immensely difficult no matter how old you are. We think 18 is a very mature age and that we’ll be perfectly fine. We think that we’re old enough and know everything abput everything and feel invincible. But let me tell you that once you step into a new world you will question yourself and your abilities. Your confidence will fall short and you won’t want to stay. I moved 1.5 thousand miles away from my family and everything here is incredibly and frightfully different from what I’ve had all my life.
I was one of those very lucky people who had a friend going with them, otherwise, I kid you not, I’d be back with my family right now.
Anyway, in the very beginning it was a little difficult. Every face I saw was a fresh one and every place I went to was new. I had never felt that lonely and empty before. I was adjusting just fine but sometimes I felt trapped in this tiny cell with all the walls slowly closing in, crushing me. I still feel that occasionally and it’s been 2 weeks. Feeling lonely and crushed in the beginning is very normal but don’t let it stay or define your personality. Always remind yourself (repeat it if you have to) that you are the living embodiment of all the most beautiful and the most powerful things in the universe. You were crafted with love and for a purpose. Yes, you are invincible. Pretend confidence until it is actually there. Fake it till you make it. And most importantly try to see the best in everything. It is like digging through the dirt to find gold; you focus on the gold. Having a positive attitude about something is half the solution.

I hope university life is an amazing experience for everyone. There will definitely be downs but how will you realize the true joy of ups when you don’t have any downs?

You’re not cliche

You are special.
You’re not a cliche. You’re not the April rain or the full moon. You’re the flowers that sprang from a corpse, you’re the stirring inside all the poets that dream of intangiblity. You’re the plant that grew in the cracks of a cemented land. You’re the sunset Van Gogh can’t paint.


Image from here

Rainy day

yessss yesssyesssss

Rain in U.A.E. is a very rare sight. And when it does rain everyone gets extremely excited! When it rains, it feels like that nature just like man was weeping from gladness. I just love the effect on the last one!! The little drops look like rainbows….well, some of them! .
Though the best part of the beauty of rain is that which no camera can capture

Clouds <3

I really enjoy gazing at the sky and watching the beautiful shaped form. And yes, I love taking pictures of the clouds and trying to capture them as best as I can but nothing compares to what the eye sees. The limitations of earthy architecture do not apply on clouds, they offer so many assorted and exclusive scenes; each on is special.

These pictures are taken in Al Ain, U.A.E.


The clouds look like little cubes, steadily melting, brushed with a tinge of light.

Some help, for real. #crisis

This is a long post but PLEASE READ IT ALL.

I really hope everyone shows some decency and stop sharing the photograph of the child lying on the sea shore and other pictures to “wake” the “humanity of Europe” and elicit attention from activists. The prayers, support and articles are definitely required but please don’t share photographs so heartlessly. This obsession with sharing pictures of the dead, is deplorable beyond imagination. It’s counterproductive and will initially make us feel crushed and completely disheartened but eventually, it could have a numbing effect.

Instead of pointing fingers and tossing responsibility at others do YOUR part and pray for the best. Europe is helping, let us help them and the host country. 


Instead of incessantly sharing such a sensitive and repulsive picture to make yourself feel good you could donate money to the many organizations that are helping refugees, you could share information regarding the refugee crisis and history of the war. Here are some ways to actually help instead of only feeding your ego and insensitively sharing the picture:

1. Doctors Without Borders is and organisation providing medical aid in and around Syria. If you call this number you can ensure your funds go directly to Syrian refugees 1-888-392-0392.

2. World Visions works in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan to provide clean and sanitizing water. You can donate by calling 1-800-562-4453.

3. CARE operates multiple refugee centers in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon and you can donate to them by calling 1-800-521-CARE

4. World Food Program will provide food to Syrians and other refugees. Donate at

5. Islamic Relief USA is also providing food, water, and shelter and you can donate to them HERE.

6. You can also donate specifically for children which provides things such as diapers, clothing, and food.

7. You can donate to the U.N refugee agency HERE and HERE

8. You can purchase items on an Amazon wishlist specifically for the refugees stranded in Calais. HERE

9. You can sign the following petition to have more asylum seekers accepted in the U.K HERE. Alhumdullilah it has crossed 200k

10. Help the refugees stuck in the Balkans GET SHELTER

It breaks my heart to see that picture. Let’s do something about it. Do not reduce them to but a picture. Act now.

Paradise Garden

Oh cool, I had decided to post frequently on here but looks like I was unable to (like almost everything I decide on tbh). So here is a beautiful post about a place that once existed in a city called Al Ain…

In the searing heat of Al Ain, the pictures and thoughts of Paradise Garden are like running cool water over a fresh burn. All of these pictures were up my previous blog as well so, yes, they’re pretttyyy old. In fact, the place is no longer even there *sob*. 

It used to be absolutely breath taking during the spring. Just step into the garden and you have a sea of flowers is lying before you with their earthy and fresh scent wafting through the breeze, engulfing you in it.
Don’t forget, we are in the middle of a desert, looking at all this beauty

A couple of these photographs are not taken by me.

Paradise garden

Paradise garden3 Paradise garden2

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Queen of all seasons, oh lady spring
Where do you go, spreading your wings?
With your magnificent, sprawling veil of flowers
You tip toe quietly, bringing showers.
In the mornings, fresh and fair,
Exuding fragrance in the air.