Rainy day

yessss yesssyesssss

Rain in U.A.E. is a very rare sight. And when it does rain everyone gets extremely excited! When it rains, it feels like that nature just like man was weeping from gladness. I just love the effect on the last one!! The little drops look like rainbows….well, some of them! .
Though the best part of the beauty of rain is that which no camera can capture


Clouds <3

I really enjoy gazing at the sky and watching the beautiful shaped form. And yes, I love taking pictures of the clouds and trying to capture them as best as I can but nothing compares to what the eye sees. The limitations of earthy architecture do not apply on clouds, they offer so many assorted and exclusive scenes; each on is special.

These pictures are taken in Al Ain, U.A.E.


The clouds look like little cubes, steadily melting, brushed with a tinge of light.

Doused in clouds



I love how the mountains fade in the distance and the light plays little games, making them look blue.

IMG_20150605_192354 IMG_4023

The mountains stretch their arms to have their slender fingertips brush against the clouds….

Sometimes, as a gift the clouds sprinkle snow over them.

Bends and twists



Walking on roads with bends and twists, the kind you can see winding for a distance is a thrilling experience. The cool breeze gently caresses your face and your clothes slightly flutter while a small animal sits on the side staring at each passerby with its beady little eyes.