It’s one of those nights.

It’s one of those nights tonight
when every breath
that fills your lungs
is laced with dread
and every quiver
of your heart
feels like a dart
aimed at your chest.
It’s one of those nights tonight
when every beat hammers in you
all the way up to your head
and shivers
travel down your spine,
slither in
and snuggle in bed.
Your horrors dance before your eyes
your demons prance, plotting your demise.
The world seems like it’s burning, reducing to ashes.

It’s one of those nights tonight
when you have to take a deep breath and remember
That it gets better
Remember that the very same lungs
breath in poetry and stardust
and that your chest, its knot unfurled
can carry the weight of the world.
Make the shivers dance
to the rythm of your heart
Remember how a goldsmith heats and hammers the metal
And that a diamond forms under immense pressure
And how Ibrahim walked out of that fire, stronger than ever.


Broken bits of art




Broken bits of the sky
Fall to the ground
They fall somewhere the birds don’t fly
They fall somewhere our love is finally found.

 This love flames in our heart
A glowing hot red,
like the flame of the forest
And it creates art. 


Had there been a time
When you hadn’t seen your smile
For so long that you forgot
Just what it looked like?

You forgot how your dimple
carves into your right cheek
And how your dark eyes enkindle
With mystique.

You forgot how one side curls
A little more than the other
And how prominent your canines are.

You didn’t remember how
your eyes twinkle
And how, near the end of your brow,
they crinkle.

You didn’t remember how beautiful you look when you smile.

Has it ever been so long?
I hope it hasn’t.
And I hope it never will be.