See the light

This is something I typed when I was extremely frustrated and has been sitting stagnant and forgotten in my drafts folder for over a year. Let it finally see the light (no pun intended)

I get really flipped out when people continuously crib and sulk about things. Especially the things they got themselves into and are doing absolutely nothing to get out of.

Yes, I get it. You may not like it, it may not be what you expected or it may just be really bad and you express that. It’s acceptable to an extent but continuously whining for days at length is not done. Please please let my peace of mind stay intact.

What is the point of saying I wish I hadn’t or I wish it wasn’t? These wishes are not going to happen. The situation is here and it is here to stay. But you do not have to mope about it all day long to everyone all the time. What you can do is figure out ways to improve it. To change it. Seeing how you can adapt to it.  It might be a dark cloud following you, not letting the light through but only if you refuse to see the silver lining. And then you will know that it is not what it seems it was and is much better and easier. In fact it may be a lot better than what you wanted. It may present a whole new world of opportunities.

Take it like a dirty chest with some gold in it. Always, always try to see the best in things.
When you go digging for gold, you focus on the gold and not on the amount of dirt you have to throw out.


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