I was a little sad today because part of me felt lonely and empty. I’ve just returned to my university from home and I’m still a little homesick.

I was simply sitting in the room at around 7 pm and just happened to glance skywards. What I saw took my breath away.
The sky was a stunning shade of purple, with yellow bubbling clouds lined with deep crimson.
I usually click a lot of photos but today all I did was just sit there and feel the sky in my soul and paste it in the back of my eyelids. A few minutes later I saw a few fireflies and it just made my heart glow ❤ It feels amazing to have these small things that usually seem unimportant and insignificant to remind you how beautiful the world is.

It feels like Allah is constantly watching over you and telling you to keep your chin up and smile. Showing you a hundred reasons to be happy. I hope I never become someone who cannot see these beautiful things and find happiness in them.


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