Another year!!

I promised to myself that I’d be consistent with this blog and post regular updates. It’s been over a month since my last post! I guess that’s what happens when life gets in the way.
All that apart, I fall under that section of the society that’s still wondering where and how 2015 passed. I’m among those who wish they could cling on to the last few slivers of the past year and probably stretch it and make it longer. But live in the moment,carpe diem etc, yeah?
Happy new year 2016 everyone (I really don’t like the k trend ugh)!! Hope that this year goes on to be the best year you’ve had yet and everyone finds what they are looking for. ❤
I hope you find the best book you’ve read or a new friend. I hope you get to view the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen and plenty of sunrises above the water. I hope you find the best food outlets in town. I hope you find parking spaces easily. I hope you find a bottle of glitter and a sky full of stars.
But most of all, I hope that this year, you find yourself. I pray that you find what you really want and set out to achieve it. I hope you are able to figur out what goes on in the crypt of your heart and in the depths of your mind.
Try to make yourself a better person than you were the previous moment. Stop comparing yourself to others because there will always be someone you find better than yourself. Instead compete with yourself and focus on making you better than you.
Keep changing, growing and expanding.
Hope this year proves to be the best for you all and it even has an extra day to give you an extra opportunity to make it better!

P.S. Please don’t make unachievable resolutions! We all know they don’t work. At this point I’ve stopped making resolutions completely apart from ‘Try to always be better than you were yesterday’

I guess you could say I had a pretty high start to the new year lol ._.


Jabal Hafeet at 12:00 am