New chapter

Moving away from home is always a huge change and immensely difficult no matter how old you are. We think 18 is a very mature age and that we’ll be perfectly fine. We think that we’re old enough and know everything abput everything and feel invincible. But let me tell you that once you step into a new world you will question yourself and your abilities. Your confidence will fall short and you won’t want to stay. I moved 1.5 thousand miles away from my family and everything here is incredibly and frightfully different from what I’ve had all my life.
I was one of those very lucky people who had a friend going with them, otherwise, I kid you not, I’d be back with my family right now.
Anyway, in the very beginning it was a little difficult. Every face I saw was a fresh one and every place I went to was new. I had never felt that lonely and empty before. I was adjusting just fine but sometimes I felt trapped in this tiny cell with all the walls slowly closing in, crushing me. I still feel that occasionally and it’s been 2 weeks. Feeling lonely and crushed in the beginning is very normal but don’t let it stay or define your personality. Always remind yourself (repeat it if you have to) that you are the living embodiment of all the most beautiful and the most powerful things in the universe. You were crafted with love and for a purpose. Yes, you are invincible. Pretend confidence until it is actually there. Fake it till you make it. And most importantly try to see the best in everything. It is like digging through the dirt to find gold; you focus on the gold. Having a positive attitude about something is half the solution.

I hope university life is an amazing experience for everyone. There will definitely be downs but how will you realize the true joy of ups when you don’t have any downs?