Doused in clouds



I love how the mountains fade in the distance and the light plays little games, making them look blue.

IMG_20150605_192354 IMG_4023

The mountains stretch their arms to have their slender fingertips brush against the clouds….

Sometimes, as a gift the clouds sprinkle snow over them.


Flood my mind

Tell me about you. Your dreams and your nightmares; your inspirations and your aspirations. Tell me what you constantly talk about in your head; everything right from the bottom of the deepest trench to the end of the universe.
Tell me about your first pet and how it feels when your mother sings your sweet songs in your native language and how the taste of her food floods you with nostalgia.
I can see the galaxies forming in your eyes and I can hear the thunderstorms crash in the beats of your heart. Tell me about those too.

Pour it all out and let it drown me.

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OCD and I

Ellen's OCD Blog

OCD and I.

For as long as I can remember, you have been a part of my life. No matter the time, the location or the season, you were always there, instilling negativity and horror with every step I took. I was haunted by your ever growing existence, yet I clung onto you as if my life depended on it. You influenced my every decision, I couldn’t function without your presence. Yes, maybe I could walk down the left side of the pavement without the inevitable consequence of my loved ones dying, but you would slowly trickle those all too familiar thoughts of doubt into my mind. Infecting every corridor of rational thinking and slowly poisoning that small, sacred part of independence I had left. Then whispering those all too familiar words, echoing through my being. “What if Ellen, what if.” My internal dialogue screaming at you to stop, but…

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Bends and twists



Walking on roads with bends and twists, the kind you can see winding for a distance is a thrilling experience. The cool breeze gently caresses your face and your clothes slightly flutter while a small animal sits on the side staring at each passerby with its beady little eyes.

Glowing perfection

The beauty of your soul is so dazzling, so brilliant, it could light up the darkest of the nights. It could illuminate lifeless caves and heal scarred hearts. 
It burns bright but not blazingly enough to blind me, instead radiant enough to guide me; to be my lantern through all the dark nights and my flashlight through the foggy days; to be a beacon of hope when I’m feeling low and provide me with warmth and protection when I need it.
But don’t ever, even for an instant, doubt yourself because only then does your glow fade.

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Image from Flickr

New blog

I don’t know what’s with me and blogs recently. Blogging is pretty much all I’ve done for the past 30-40 days. I am not the one to be blamed, I had barely anything to do. School got over in march and college doesn’t start till mid September. That gives me a LOT of time so I might as well do this. Now, this blog is where I will pour my heart out and vent. No, not really.That’s way too much. But it is where I will encapsulate thoughts and try to freeze moments and memories. This is also where I will post whatever catches my attention. So it will range right from landscape photography to profound write-ups and simple experiences. Maybe even a bit of fashion, can’t be too sure. I hope to post frequently, instead of once in a blue moon.